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Why you should fall in love with the small town of Burlington?

Among many places in the world, there are those smaller gems that are easily ignored. Until you plan to visit those places, you really wouldn’t know how truly breathtaking moments can be experienced.

In the glorious lights of bigger cities why do we always tend to forget smaller cities and towns? It’s a true bundle of surprise once you get an opportunity to visit them. There is such a town in Ontario, Burlington. Considered to be one of the most livable communities, it’s like a pearl in the shell of Canada.

The small-town vibe

Burlington has been crowned quit several times in the national rankings. But what makes people fall in love with it? While thinking of this question I had something unique planned for my stay there. I made my travel arrangements by booking Burlington limo throughout the weekend tour.

There’s a bit of everything for everyone

Stay in Burlington in simple and at a reasonable price, so you don’t have to worry about it being overpriced. With a recurring population of about 200,000, it’s a city mirage for those who want a city lifestyle but with some peace.

When you fancy a walk…you go right to the lake. Ontario is a water land. That’s how I felt on my tour to different cities and towns. Beaches and lakes are the most common attractions there and reputation is well deserved too. Lake Ontario is like a summer playground for all age groups the best way I spent my time there was by renting the paddleboards. You can do it single-handedly, (but I have to admit it can tire your arms pretty quickly) or you can go in pairs.

I did plan my day early so I got to follow my yoga fitness regime. And you will be surprised it’s a good docking spot for yoga lovers. The sun brightness shines through the lake at the perfect angle.

Festival time is the time to rock and roll. All-round year, festivals and events are celebrated in different parts of Ontario. In Burlington, there’s no shortage of seasonal festivals and events. Festivals are dynamic and creative following the city’s roots. Even recently just the day after my arrival it was 11 November. For some, it’s just a day, but most Canadians recall it as Armistice Day or Remembrance           Day.

It was a crucial time when World War I finally ceased. Canadian soldiers, who fought on the British side, are honored every year on this day when the war ended. red poppies serve as the main theme, and to be honest, you might cry your eyes out. At the parade that I got to observe (just passing through) will change your perspective on history. One can never expect the traveling experience to be so emotional. On the fun side of the story if you get a chance to visit here you might get to experience other popular events as well, such as

  • Canada day
  • Children’s festival
  • Movies under the stars
  • Kite festival
  • Santa clause parade etc.

These community-organized events are truly fantastic. Add some of the best Instagram stories by enjoying the festivities.

Hop, skip and walk on the Green belt. Okay, green is not just a color. When it comes to Burlington, it seems like every park and trail is evergreen.

Did you know: Burlington as a total of 115 parks covering 580 hectares?

Now that is pretty amazing, so much is dedicated to maintaining natural surroundings, God knows with all the climate change and global warming we are in dire need of something fresh and something green. So it counts your lucky stars in the goodness of the fresh air with blooming flowers in Royal Botanical Garden with the worth of 2700 hectares!

Or if you get tired of the walking (something I never get tired from) you can always take a trip on Burlington limo to Bruce Trail at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. It’s a fun place to feel young, and if you have kids, then you will surely enjoy it more with a family outing.

No kidding, Burlington is small yet closer to the heart of many

A small midway town says it all

Don’t be fooled by its size! You are have been warned. It’s a fresh start you need to have from your daily routine. Traveling to unexpected places is the most fun and hence the reason why you fall in love with them too often.


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