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March 10, 2009
Hola amigos,
We’ve been here 10 days and I guess it’s about time to report in.  Our intention for the blog is to help remind us of our time here and to let anyone who is interested know what we have been up to. At the bottom of each entry we may include the restuarants and/or wine we enjoyed – so you can skip that part unless you plan to come here! You may want to read our blog at night as a sleep aid!

We arrived in BA on Feb 28 after a pretty much hassle free 15 hours of travel.  Our landlord, Silvanna, her friends Mercedes and Anita (we think she’s about 12 and so eager to help us) were at our apartment to greet us.  Mercedes and Anita speak english so communicating the ins and outs of our new  home was a breeze.  We love the apartment with its 12 ft ceilings, spacious rooms and decks.  The neighborhood is nice, fairly quiet with several cafes (for morning espressos) close by and many great restaurants a good stroll or just a short cab ride away.

The 2nd night we were here we went to a restaurant  (La Cabrera – it was really excellent!) recommended to us by our landlord and ran into friends – Carla amd Don Lewis and his brother Clayton (he, his wife Dragana and 2 kids are here for 5 months)!  Can you believe it?  In a city of 10+ million people we see someone we know.  Well…ok…we knew they were coming to BA but didn’t know exactly when or where they were staying.  So it was pretty incredible!

They invited us to join them on a guided tour of the city the next day.  The guide, Macu, was cute young woman full of energy and a great guide.  It’s such a big city we couldn’t possible cover it all but we saw some great highlights.

lunch with the Lewis gang at Obrero (the laborer) – a small restaurant in LaBoca with great Argentinian food.

a musoleum at the Recoleta Cementery – as big as my house!

Molly praying for salvation – she needs it



Tue Mar 10, 2009 Comments

Tue Mar 10, 2009 Comments

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