7 ways to pass your time at the Airport

Traveling via airplane is fun but sometimes airplanes get delay and that’s the times you get stuck at airport and that’s the time you need to keep patience on yourself and here are few things to do that will actually help you to pass your time successfully in airport and will also not check your patience level just you have to remember that you don’t have any control on the process and you cannot start getting annoyed and nag with the airline employees because of the delay process you can just chill and slay your bad situation with having some fun. Keeping slaying in mind, here is a list of few things that will help you to have fun and find some comfortable position for you:-

  • If you are a gym freak – Exercise and put all your stress together and Hit the gym! Most of the airports like Air Caledonie, Air Canada, Air Caraibes and many more which have fitness centers and you can just buy a gym pass that is easily available for the public. Now there is one more issue like in case you don’t have some workout clothes any worries you can easily buy a pair of gym clothes at an affordable price from them.


  • Get a little pamper – All the airports have spas and massage shops and they are present there for people who have little fear of flying or something like that they just melt all your fears through a good massage and with some muscle-tingling on your back, foot massage, facial treatment or a mani-pedicure. This will extract a lot of time and will let you feel relaxed too.


  • Get a lounge – Once you reserve your First Class or deluxe lounge it can be your home away from home for a few hours. Some airports charge a very low fee for it and they provide very comfy seating, newspapers and magazines, food and free Wi-Fi which is now a boon in this era. 


  • Take a Chill-Pill – Airports are rarely short of people so if you are an extrovert talk to your fellow travelers know about their lifestyle, figure out about their fashion sense and many more. If not this then just people-watch and be a little judgemental and characterize them on their look basis.


  • Window-shopping – Some airports like Air Canada have a very huge and a very glorified shopping malls but prices of them are also very high since you have nothing to do just do a window shopping and do a free fun playing with the travel gadgets and massage chairs, try sampling moisturizers, try on testing fragrances, browse books and get amazed with price tags of Prada.


  • Get in the lap of nature – If you’re flying through Southeast Asia you will get some amazing lush areas of greenery which you can just see through the glasses. Some airports have orchids, gardens with koi pond and a tropical habitat filled with butterflies, carnivorous plants and a replica of the waterfall too and some also replicate a mini zoo inside the airports to amaze the tourists.


  • Just Sleep – There is way too much to see of but everything cannot be caught at once so just leave everything behind and sleep it is a great way to consume those extra hours, and the cherry on top, if you are on a jet lag problem you might overcome that too. So just grab your favorite seat excluding last and front row and take a nap.


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